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Product Spotlight: QC-CALC 3.2 Meets 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements
Prolink is proud to announce that QC-CALC now meets or exceeds the requirements to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. The following is a brief list of features that our medical customers are now using in order to be Part 11 compliant. Not in the medical industry? We're finding more and more customers in other industries are using the auditing and digital signature features to improve their quality practices so please read on.

Auditing Capabilities

Once enabled, QC-CALC’s password protected audit functionality automatically challenges users for a username, password, and reason code whenever there are changes to the data or requests to print a digitally signed report.

Digital and Electronic Signatures

When running reports, QC-CALC allows the creation of digitally signed Adobe PDF documents rather than standard reports. Assuming a password is entered correctly, the report will run and be digitally signed ensuring the report cannot be edited without breaking the signature. In addition, you can choose to add a picture of your hand-written signature to the report so it is present when printed to paper.

Account Management Features

QC-CALC's Part 11 account management features ensure security by allowing you to log failed password attempts, enforce password expiration, activate/deactivate user accounts, and even email administrators when a user has deactivated his account after multiple failed password attempts.

How To Get It:

If the Administrative Tools menu is present in QC-CALC 3.2, simply choose Help > Run Update to get the latest revision. If you do not have the Administrative Tools menu, please download the evaluation for QC-CALC v.3.2 w/Admin Tool and follow the instructions in the Administrative Tool Explained Tutorial or attend one of our daily live web demonstrations. Installing over your current version of QC-CALC 3.2 will not change any of your settings. There is no extra charge for the administrative tools or Part 11 functionality in QC-CALC 3.2.

If you have an earlier version of QC-CALC, now is a great time to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of all the new features in 3.2.

Want to Learn More?

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The Buddy Just Got Easier! Auto-detect Tags in Excel!
By now, you are hopefully aware of how easy it is to create custom Excel reports in the SPC Office Buddy, but did you know we just made it easier? We have improved the Excel Options screen allowing you to create, edit, delete and copy replacements in a much easier way.

In addition, we've added a new button that will search your Excel spreadsheet for tags and automatically list the tags that are found by sheet. This means that all you need to do to load your list of tags is click one button! Then simply edit your replacements and specify what will replace the tag in the specific worksheet. In addition, use certain auto-matching names in your Excel worksheet and we'll pre-populate the replacements based on the tag name.

For instance, if you use a tag called [nominal], the Buddy will automatically populate the replacement item as {Nominal}. If you use [six], it will default the replacement to Capability Sixpack. This saves you even more time since some or all of your tags will be completed for you.

How To Do It:
  1. When you are creating your Excel spreadsheet template, use auto-match tag names from the known list where possible.

  2. When you reach the screen on the right, click the Find Tags button and watch.

How to Get It:

If you have the SPC Office Buddy 3.2, all you need to do is click Help > Run Update or download the latest update from our website.

If you have an earlier version of the Buddy, then it's a great time to upgrade and take advantage of all the new features in the Buddy 3.2. You can download version 3.2 and install it into a different folder to try it out before upgrading.

Want to Learn More?

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