Prolink Newsletter January 2023
Personal Note
All of us at Prolink hope you and your family a had a happy new year and look forward to serving you this year. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have questions.
Enterprise Report Scheduler (ERS) 4.2 Released!!
The release of Enterprise Report Scheduler (ERS) 4.2 in December 2022 represents a new chapter for this powerful reporting and visualization application.

Continuing on the design of ERS 4.1, the new version boasts new features and now runs as a 64-bit application and service.

Major new features include automatically grouping filters, native exports to MS Excel, and new triggered action types such as Create a Task which prompts for user input in QC-Mobile.
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QC-Mobile 4.2 Released!!
QC-Mobile 4.2 has also been released as a 64 bit application to allow for better handling of user sessions and larger result sets. Significant additions include the ability to create dynamic record filters within the QC-Mobile web browser interface, a System Status screen with tabs for Deliverable and Data Collection Status and a new Home Screen widget called Tasks.

This new widget serves as an inbox for tasks that need to be performed based on triggers in ERS. For instance, a trigger in ERS may be monitoring for out of control or out of spec data points. When one occurs, a task can be created to require a cause or corrective action. This marks the first time QC-Mobile has offered the ability for users to actually change portions of data and is a watershed moment for the product.
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New Feature Drops Every Month
For the first 6 months in 2023, Prolink will be doing Feature Drops. Each month a new useful feature will be added that makes your experience with our software better. The features will be added across our product line to existing product versions (no upgrade charge necessary) and will be announced via our social media channels. Make sure to subscribe on either Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn so you find out about them.

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