Prolink Newsletter April 2023
Personal Note
As we enter Spring in the U.S. we want to thank our customers and reseller partners from around the world for choosing Prolink and becoming part of our community. This year marks our 40th year in business and we really want to express our appreciation for the feedback and suggestions we continually receive. It is definitely accurate to say that our customers and representatives have played a major role in making our products what they are today and we are excited to share the information below regarding new features that have been added to Prolink products.
QC-Mobile 4.2 - Feature Drop
Our browser based QC-Mobile product continues to evolve and become more powerful and useful as new features are added. The new home screen Part Frequency widget allows quick viewing of measured frequencies by measuring station, part number or trace field value over the previous 1 to 28 days. Color coded cells indicate performance of measurement frequencies to goals. Quick drill down provides access to counts by time of day and links allow transfer to live charts with all details available.
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QC-Mobile 4.2 - Raw Data View
The Stat Summary screen now has an option to bypass statistics and charts and display only raw data of the part/group chosen. Additionally, this raw data can be downloaded to a local Microsoft Excel file for individual manipulation or analysis.
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SPC Office Buddy 4.2 - Excel Dependency Removed!
In addition to SPC Office Buddy’s recent release of 4.2 introducing a new look and 64 bit operation, this popular report creation tool can now produce reports in Microsoft Excel file formats even when there is no copy of Excel on the PC running SPC Office Buddy. This means when other Prolink programs such as QC-CALC Real-Time or ERS are triggering SPC Office Buddy jobs, the PC running those programs does not have to have Excel installed. In many cases, the new independent library actually performs faster than traditional Excel.

Coupled with the 64-bit operation, SPC Office Buddy has entered a new level of power and flexibility.
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Price Increase - June 1
Given the current economic and inflationary climate, it probably comes as no surprise that Prolink faces the same expense pressures as everyone else and as such must raise prices. We tried to keep the prices as low as possible and will be releasing a new version of QC-CALC (v4.1) with an updated look to coincide with the increases.

Per usual, outstanding quotes issued by Prolink that were quoted before and expire after the price raise will be honored.

An abbreviated list of prices follows:
QC-CALC Real-Time$1,950
SPC Office Buddy$1,155
Enterprise Report Scheduler$1,950
ERS Service$630
QC-Mobile$3,540 (no increase)
New Feature Drops Every Month
***Due to an unfortunate issue with one of our internal servers, we were delayed in the start of our 6 months of feature drops but we're now back to normal and releasing them on schedule.

Each month a new useful feature will be added that makes your experience with our software better. The features will be added across our product line and will be announced via our social media channels. Make sure to subscribe on either Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn so you find out about them.

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