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Zeiss UMess (improved)

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Spotlight: Excel Jobs in the SPC Office Buddy v.3.2

If you have Excel and/or Minitab, please take 3 minutes and watch the video below!

The new Excel Jobs in Version 3.2 of the SPC Office Buddy are promising to revolutionize reporting in Excel. Excel Jobs take the power of automatic data collection in QC-CALC, optionally add Minitab statistics reports, and deliver the results in the custom Excel spreadsheet of your choice. All you need to do is take one of your existing reports, clear out the data, and add replacement tags where you want the data and/or Minitab reports to be placed. Then run your Excel Job in the Buddy and watch your reports appear.

This image shows how the Buddy can take a process from hours to seconds!



Seeing Is Believing!!

Interested in seeing a quick demo?
This short video shows a couple of example reports we've received from customers and how we automated them with the SPC Office Buddy.

View 3 Minute Excel Jobs Intro Video

Would you like to see how easy it is to use?
This slightly longer video takes you through the creation of a simple template and Excel Job.

View 6 Minute Excel Jobs Getting Started Video

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Tips & Tricks: Centrally Control Your Updates

Now that the Administrative Tool is available in QC-CALC v.3.2, you can control all sorts of settings and privileges centrally. One convenient setting is the ability to control all the updates within your shop from one location. This keeps all of your QC-CALC copies on the same revision number so there is no confusion about which ones have been updated. This update functionality has existed on a per copy basis since QC-CALC v.3.0, but now you can control it centrally with the Admin Tool. 

Below we are setting QC-CALC to automatically check the local file server for updates whenever it starts. Once you're finished, all you have to do to update all your copies of QC-CALC is download the update from our website and copy it into the server location ("M:\QC-CALC\Update\" in this example). The next time each copy of QC-CALC starts, it will automatically update itself to the version found on the server. Now your versions are in sync.

How To Do It

  1. Go to Administrative Tools > Manage User Groups. Type your admin password and click OK.

  2. Choose a group to manage and click Manage Options.

  3. In the Settings screen that appears, choose the Update section in the left hand list.

  4. Select Every Time Program Starts in the list at the top.

  5. For Update Patch Location choose Local File Server and add a path to a shared directory.

  6. Check Run Update without User Interaction if you want the update to run silently.

  7. Lock the settings by clicking the hand icon at the bottom and then clicking each of the settings so they are purple.
  1. Click OK. This group is now controlled by the update on the server.