ERS Aggregate Export
Aggregate Export

The aggregate export is a convenient way of taking the same calculated values you see in the report and getting them as actual query-able numbers. You schedule aggregate exports the same way you do reports in ERS. The difference is that rather than running a report, the aggregate export does all the same calculations and drops off the values in a flatten SQL table. This makes it easy for your IT organization to pull these values for integration with other systems such as your intranet or portal website.

Don't make your IT professionals become statisticians! Simply create aggregate exports and let ERS do the work for you.

Choosing Calculations

In the Tools > Options area, you can choose which calculations you want to send to the export table. This way, you can tailor the export to your company's specific needs.

Auto-Replacement of Calculations

Also available is the option for ERS to automatically replace the exported values with the latest values. This allows you to easily write queries that always pull the latest calculations for a given export since ERS overwrites the old values with the new values.

Query Samples

Read or use our query samples in the help documentation to help get you on your way.