Software Training
Prolink offers training options to fit every budget. Offerings range from a burgeoning library of self-help options to online and on-site training by a professional trainer. On-site training days can also be used for implementation for customers who want more of a turn-key implementation. Using our Prolink Implementation Specialist also ensures that you implement the software using best practices. Call or email today to see which option best fits your needs.
Training Options
Self-Help This is a FREE training option available via our website and includes a growing list of tutorials, white papers, and Knowledge Base articles.
Web Training Training is done online using GotoMeeting and is sold by the hour. Often this training will be performed in two-hour segments.
On-Site Training If you are looking to train several users at one location, this is the option for you. We send a trainer to your company to train your employees using your specific equipment. Don't have a training facility? Not a problem. We'll bring our own set of laptops. All we need is a room.


  • Most cost effective with larger numbers of students at the same location
  • Training can be customized to your equipment at your facility
  • Can be scheduled around your date requirements

Web Training

Hourly Web Training
Daily Web Training - QC-CALC Real-Time/SPC
$750/attendee **
Daily Web Training - ERS/QC-Mobile
$750/attendee **
Half Day Web Training - QC-Gage/Gagestation
$375/attendee **
Half Day Web Training - SPC Office Buddy
$375/attendee **

On-Site Training/Implementation

Daily On-Site Training/Implementation
** Training sessions limited to 8-10 attendees. One day courses are approximately 6-7 hours split between morning and afternoon sessions. Half day courses are 3-4 hours conducted in either morning or afternoon sessions. For billing purposes, an attendee is determined by a single online connection.
Call 860-659-5928 or email today to speak with our sales team about your training needs.
On-Site Requirements
Minimum: 2 days + 1 travel day (2 days outside US)
Training Laptop Rental: $35/workstation/day plus shipping