Pareto Chart
Pareto Chart

There are actually two different versions of the Pareto chart; by defect rate and by assignable cause. Per usual, the Pareto chart shows your worst offenders. Using the 80%-20% rule, you can determine which issues you want to address first by simply looking at what is causing most of your problems. Per usual, clicking on the bars will drill into the individual data points. In addition the chart includes a cross hair so you can use your mouse for targeting.

Pareto Chart (By Defect Rate)

This chart is similar to the one in QC-CALC SPC in that it sorts your features by the ones that fail (out of spec) the most.

Pareto Chart (By Assignable Cause)

This version of the chart sorts the list of assignable causes (rather than features) by the ones used most often. Therefore, instead of looking at failures, it's telling you which causes you are assigning most often allowing you to address things that are causing you to break control limits. This can provide valuable insight into what is causing your process to be less stable than desired.