PLCStation Licensing
The base PLCStation package includes one license of QC-PLC and one license of QC-CALC Real-Time*. The base product includes one (1) IP connection to a PLC. Additional connections can be added by purchasing an upsize package of five (5) additional connections or ten (10) additional connections.

The number of connection is the sum of existing plus the new connections purchased. Therefore, if 5 additional connections are purchased, the total will be 6 when added to the initial connection.

The maximum number of connections for one copy of PLCStation is 11 connections.

Pricing for these options is in the table below:

PLCStation Base Package (1 connection to PLC)

Additional 5 connections

Additional 10 connections

* QC-CALC Real-Time license included in PLCStation is locked to only receive data from QC-PLC and cannot be used to collect data from other inspection equipment. To collect data from other equipment, licenses of QC-CALC Real-Time can be purchased separately.