QC-PLC Licensing
QC-PLC Licensing

QC-PLC is licensed by the number of connections. When you purchase the base version, you automatically up to 10 connections (10 different physical IP addresses). Therefore, if you have 10 PLCs then you only need the base license of QC-PLC.

Number of Connections

As stated above, the base version of QC-PLC comes with 10 connections. If you need to connect to more than 10 PLCs, the price is $300 per pack of 10 connections.

When purchasing, Prolink staff will be glad to quote you for the correct number of connections. You can also purchase additional connections later. Prolink will give you a specific activation code that activates QC-PLC for the correct number of connections.

For very large numbers of connections (100's), we are glad to provide a custom quote that may include one or more copies of QC-PLCs and/or unlimited connections for one set price.