Bar Code Integration
Integrating Bar Codes

In QC-Gage, you can integrate bar code scanning into various points in your inspection process. The most obvious way is to use a bar code scanner to scan things like employee badges and serial numbers during the inspection process. This greatly reduces both typing errors and the amount of time it takes to inspect each part.

However, did you know you can also use a bar code scanner to launch a spec plan? In QC-Gage, you can link a bar code (such as the part number) to a spec plan through the Quick Launch feature. When your inspector receives a part to measure, he/she simply scans a bar code on the traveler and the correct spec plan appears ready to measure parts.

Fortunately bar code scanners are fairly inexpensive, plug directly into any free USB port on your PC, and typically act as a keyboard wedge (rapidly typing the scanned bar code as if it came from a keyboard). This makes them great for integrating into QC-Gage!