QC-Mobile Licensing
QC-Mobile Licensing
QC-Mobile is licensed by named user account. The base price of QC-Mobile includes the server and 5 named users. Prolink also sells 10, 20, and 30 user packs that will add the set number of users to an existing server. Therefore, purchasing the base license along with a 10 pack will result in a total of 15 named users.
Upon purchasing a user pack, Prolink will give you a new activation code that will overwrite the one you used previously. Existing users of QC-Mobile will not be affected.
Named User
A specific user from the ERS user list that has been named as a QC-Mobile user. Any user can be added to the QC-Mobile list, but can only be replaced after 7 calendar days.
Purchasing User Packs
User packs are available on our website via the Product Order Form and discount more deeply per user with larger packs.