Archive Events
Archive Events

Achive events allow the moving of data beyond a certain age to another database as a way to keep up performance. For instance, rather than allowing the main QC-CALC database to continue to grow forever, it is possible to create an archive event that simply moves off any data that is older than x months.. or older than the last x number of records. This way the data is preserved in a second database that continues to grow while the main database remains a moving window of recent data for reporting, monitoring, etc.
Archive events can run from/to both SQL Server and QCQ files. 
Subgroups Preserved

Archive events automatically observe subgroups so as not to break up a subgroup by removing parts. When subgroups are set, the archive event will automatically remove up to the last complete subgroup leaving the data intact and still valid. 

Records Retention Policies Handled

Companies with records retention policies where data beyond a certain age must be expunged can take advantage of archive events. Archive events allow the choice of either moving data or simply deleting data from your main database. Choosing the latter allows company the peace of mind that data is being removed in a timely manner across all part files.

Archival Options

Records can be archived or deleted based on age in months, age beyond a certain number of records or beyond a dynamic date.