Kiosk Mode in QC-Mobile
Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a useful feature for any generic display PCs on the shopfloor as it will automtically revert to a chosen page after a period of inactivity. In the General Settings of QC-Mobile, it can be enabled with a checkbox, the redirect page and a timeout value in minutes. If a user is interacting with the application, such as drilling down to find a root cause, the application will behave normally. However, if the user stops interacting past the timeout value, QC-Mobile will revert to the chosen page. This can be helpful in a shop floor environment where a full view or dashboard carousel is generally the desired display. It allows users to interact with the software and then walk away leaving it on a different page knowing it will reset automatically.

Timeout Warning

As QC-Mobile gets close to redirecting to the kiosk page, a countdown timeout warning appears at the time of any page in QC-Mobile warning the user that the page will revert. If the user interacts with the application the timeout will automatically reset and the warning will disappear. Otherwise, the page will redirect back to the kiosk page once the timeout expires.