Perform Tasks with QC-Mobile
Perform Tasks in QC-Mobile

As of QC-Mobile 4.2, certain tasks that actually change data have been added. These include the ability to add notes, assignable causes, and corrective actions to data points. Tasks are created by ERS Triggered Actions and will appear on the Tasks home screen widget. Tasks can be directed to responsible users and/or groups based on the part files with issues.

Detailed information about the data in question as well as trends that have occurred is available from the Task popup window along with a link to see the last 15 data points in a plot. Upon task completion, the task will move to the completed for all assigned users.

Use with QC-CALC Real-Time as a Service

Since QC-CALC RT as a Service does not have triggering (there is no interface with a service), it is important to not miss trends as they occur in the data. A combination of ERS Triggered Actions and QC-Mobile Tasks allows the user to continue to keep an eye on data collection and be alerted with issues arise.