Get Your Inspection Results to InfinityQS automatically!
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written: 01/16/2006
last modified: 10/31/2008

So your company has just made a large investment in a comprehensive statistics package such as InfinityQS, and all you need to do is get the data from your inspection machine to the software to run your reports. How will you do this? What if you have multiple inspection machines from different vendors? Are you planning to type the data by hand?

This is where QC-CALC can help.

Fully Automatic Data Collection
QC-CALC Real-Time can interface to virtually any inspection machine on the planet including all major CMMs, Vision Inspection machines, and hand-held gages. The first time you run QC-CALC, it auto-detects all inspection machines already present on the PC (usually only one). All you have to do is pick the machine from the list and start measuring your parts.
View the Simple Data Collection Tutorial

Automatic Export to InfinityQS
Now that you have the data in QC-CALC, all you have to do is set up an automatic export. Once you do this, your results will be automatically exported to a file that can be imported by InfinityQS at any time you choose. 
View the InfinityQS Export Article

Don't waste your valuable time!
Typing measurements into InfinityQS by hand is a tedious and error proned operation that wastes your time and your company's money. Let QC-CALC do the work for you! Try QC-CALC for 30 days for free. We're confident that you'll see a very nice return on investment.

Ready to get started? Here's how:
  1. Download QC-CALC Real-Time v3.0

  2. View the InfinityQS Automatic Export tutorial

  3. Buy QC-CALC Real-Time!

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