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Data Collection
HOW TO: Simple Data Collection (login necessary)
This tutorial is a simple explanation of the steps involved with getting QC-CALC to successfully collect data.

Setting up an export to Lighthouse SPC (login necessary)
This article explains how to setup QC-CALC Real-Time to automatically export the collected data to a format understood by Lighthouse SPC.

Gage R&R
Conducting a Gage R&R Study (login necessary)
This detailed tutorial explains the importance of a Gage R&R study and offers step by step instructions to conduct a study using the Gage R&R wizard in QC-CALC.

General Program Information
Getting Started with QC-CALC (login necessary)
This tutorial introduces the Training CMM tool that is shipped and installed with QC-CALC. The Training CMM will help you evaluate QC-CALC by generating fake data for test. This video walks you through the process of running test data into QC-CALC.

Claiming and Activating Your Software (login necessary)
This tutorial explains the claim and activation process for shipped orders.

Website Related
Updating your software (login necessary)
This tutorial explains how to update your software to the latest revision available.
Intro to ProlinkSoftware.com (login necessary)
This tutorial takes you through the basics of browsing and logging in to our website.
Activating your Software (login necessary)
This tutorial explains how to activate your software once you have purchased it.