QR Code Linking
QR Code Linking for Direct Drill Down

Prolink is the first in the industry to provide QR Code linking directly to relevant data in QC-Mobile. Available via Tools > Create QR Code, the QR code generator will create links to any deliverable in QC-Mobile. QR Codes can easily be printed on paper and posted anywhere access to data is needed in the factory. Users can then use their own devices to immediately gain access to relevant quality data/reports about specific cells or the overall factory metrics using the camera app on their smartphones or tablets.

No longer does management have to understand the complexities of characteristic and record filtering, report templates, or other parameters in order to quickly find the status of a process.

All that's needed is a mobile device on the local network and the camera app on the phone. 

Impersonation Codes

Impersonation codes further the goal of making data accessible to management. Normal QR codes created above are not linked to a user. Therefore, when scanned, QC-Mobile rightly challenges the user to log in with his/her credentials before redirecting to the QR code's destination. Impersonation codes allow the login challenge to be bypassed for specific QR codes. This is done by designating one of the licensed users as an impersonation code (IC) user account. When creating the QR code, the IC user is linked to code and ERS assigns a specific encrypted code to the QR code link. The QR code will then impersonate the user in the system and skip the login procedure when entering QC-Mobile. The access is limited to the destination and any drill down links, but reduces the process to one step.

Impersonation codes are great for allowing management to gain access to quality data without the need to even know the name of the product in use. Scanning the QR code is all that's needed. This furthers Prolink's long term goal of bringing relevant information to more people in the organization without the need for training or software installation.