Automatically Launching Live Data in QC-Mobile
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written: 06/13/2019
last modified: 01/23/2020

ERS 3.4+ and QC-Mobile 4.0


Let us assume there is a monitor on the shop floor with an overhead display showing live data plots in QC-Mobile using a browser.
The goal is to survive a reboot and have the PC return to the correct screen in QC-Mobile. It involves several simple steps, so it made sense to list them below. We will start with the most granular and back our way out.

Create a Named Favorite 
  1. In QC-Mobile, load the Live Data screen as desired with the data group, part file, display type, etc. 
  2. Click Refresh to load the results.
  3. Select the star icon in the top right corner of the screen. Dialog will appear asking for a name. 
  4. Type a name for your set of parameters, choose whether or not to display it in full screen, and click Save.

Set Up Kiosk Mode
  1. In QC-Mobile, go to Settings > General.
  2. Enable Kiosk Mode with the Enabled checkbox.
  3. Choose Live Data, your specific named favorite and a timeout value in minutes.
  4. Select Save Settings when finished.

 Add "Remember" to Login
  1. Log off of QC-Mobile and log back in.
  2. While doing so, make sure to check the "Remember Me" checkbox. 

Set QC-Mobile to be the Home Page of your Browser

NOTE: This is done using Chrome but process is similar on other browsers such as Firefox. 

  1. Go to the ... menu in the upper right corner of Chrome and choose Settings.  
  2. Scroll to the Appearance section and toggle the Show home button on. This will expose the URL for the home page.
  3. Add the address of any of the main screens to QC-Mobile to the text field.
  4. Save changes (if necessary).
Image from Chrome:

Image from Firefox:


Add the Browser to Windows Startup 
NOTE: This is done using Chrome but process is similar on other browsers such as Firefox.
  1. Start by holding down the Windows key and pressing "R" (Windows + R) to bring up the Run box.
  2. Type Shell:Startup and press Enter. This will open the Startup folder.
  3. Copy the shortcut for Chrome into this folder. To find the shortcut, click the Start button and type Chrome. Then choose Open File Location
  4. Right click the shortcut and choose Properties.
  5. In the Target field, add the following after the path to Chrome.exe (outside the quotes): --start-fullscreen
    The Target path should look like the following:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --start-fullscreen

    For Firefox or Microsoft Edge, add --kiosk instead of --start-fullscreen to the Target path.

  6. On the Shortcut tab of the dialog that appears, choose Maximized in the Run dropdown list.
  7. Click OK to save changes.

The end result during a reboot should be the following:
  1. Windows starts. During startup, it launches the browser maximized (full screen).
  2. When the browser launches, it will navigate to its own home page (which is a page in QC-Mobile).
  3. When the page loads, QC-Mobile should remember the last login and automatically log in.
  4. Kiosk mode will then begin a countdown based on the number of minutes. After the elapsed time has passed, it will navigate to the named favorite on the Live Data screen.
  5. The Live Data screen will load in full screen with all data and display settings that were a part of the favorite including full screen, slide show, etc.

Applies To

QC-Mobile v.4.00


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