How to Manually Create a Gage R&R Database
Steps to create a Gage R&R database file
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written: 03/05/2007
last modified: 03/08/2024

QC-CALC Real-Time has a built-in Gage R&R Wizard used with automatic inspection equipment. However, if you need to perform a study with hand gages you can manually create a separate database and type the numbers into the grid. To create a Gage R & R file for hand tools follow the steps below.

1. Using the QC-CALC SPC File - New menu, create a database

2. Give your file a name and add _GRR to it. For example, if your file name is MyPart make it MyPart_GRR. We do this to make the GR&R file name unique from production data files, but the _GRR is required when using some of the GR&R reports within QC-CALC Real-Time.

3. Make sure the number of Numeric Factors is at least 3 and enter the number of dimensions you wish to check on this part. Usually it’s 1.

4. Select Edit – Nominals & Tolerances and add the nominals and tolerances for each feature of the database.

5. Select Edit – Add a Record and enter the number of records you’ll need for your study. For example, if you’re performing a study with 5 parts, 2 trials, and 3 operators you’ll need 5 x 2 x 3 = 30 records

6. Next, select the Edit – Fill – Fill for GR&R menu and select the number of parts, trials, and operators. In our example choose 5-2-3. Note how the first 3-factor columns are filled with the sequence numbers identifying each of your study numbers.

7. Now begin measuring the parts and enter the readings in to the columns and overwrite the red zeros. The numbers are red if the current value is out of specification.

8. Once all values are entered, you can create a GR&R report by following the instructions in the Report section of the manual but you do this by:

   1. Select Report – Create Gage R&R Report from the menu.
   2. Pick the dimension(s) to study. One report is generated for each dimension selected.
   3. Fill in the description of the study.
   4. Answer the "Allow outlier delete?" confirmation box. If too many outliers are removed you may not have enough data to complete the gage study.
   5. Click the Next-> button to move to the next dimension. Clicking the Print button invokes the Print Dialog Box and allows you to print a copy of the report or generate a more customized report.

Once this file is completed, you can also use the GR&R reports found in the QC-CALC Real-Time Report menu.
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