HOW TO: Creating A Gather Information File
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written: 12/22/2008
last modified: 03/18/2024


When speaking with tech support either on the phone, through email, or on our support forum, you may be asked to email the support technician a Gather Information File for QC-CALC, QC-Gage, SPC Office Buddy, or other products. This file gathers information about your installation and settings in QC-CALC/QC-Gage/SPC Office Buddy and can be used by a support technician to diagnose problems you might be having with your software.


Creating a Gather File can cut down the amount of time it takes to solve your problem significantly, and is incredibly easy to do:

  1. Select Help > Gather QC-CALC/QC-Gage/SPC Office Buddy Information in QC-CALC Real Time, QC-CALC SPC, SPC Office Buddy or QC-Gage.
  2. The Gather QC-CALC/QC-Gage/SPC Office Buddy Information window will appear. This window asks you for contact information and a description of the problem you're having with software. Please give as much information as you can.
  3. Click Next.
  4. You may be asked to select a destination for the Gather File to be created. Chose a location that you can easily get to and find the file.
  5. Once the file has been created, a window will appear telling you the name of the Gather File and the location it was saved to.
  6. Send your Gather File to the support technician who requested it

NOTE: It is possible that you cannot open QC-CALC at all without an error happening, and this makes it impossible to use the Help > Gather QC-CALC Information menu as described above. There is an external program that has been created to perform the same function. This external Gather program may have already been installed on your computer under the name "Prolink Gather Tool" in the Start > Programs > Prolink area, or you can download this program by clicking this link. Once you have downloaded this zip file, save the TroubleShooter.exe file it contains into the folder QC-CALC/QC-Gage/SPC Office Buddy was installed in, then double-click to run.

If you have multiple Prolink products installed they will all be listed. Highlight the program you want to Gather Information from and click the Create File button. You can also choose to include additional files in the Gather file that is created by checking the Allow additional files to be added option and Browsing to the files you would like to attach.


This small file can be essential to diagnosing and solving whatever problem you may be having with your software. Following these simple instructions can cut your support time in half.

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