Moving Settings to Another Computer QC-CALC 4.0
How to move QC-CALC 4.0 to a new computer
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written: 09/05/2019
last modified: 04/08/2024

There are times you need to move an installation from one computer to another. Follow the directions below to move the settings from the old computer to the new one.

  1. Install QC-CALC into the new computer.
  2. Shut down the software that is running in the old computer. This will ensure you are not writing to the settings files as they are being copied.
  3. Copy the following files from the old computer to the same folder in the new computer. The directories are typically the ones shown below unless you installed QC-CALC in a non-default directory. In this case, the lowest folder will differ slightly in name.

ProgramData directory: C:\ProgramData\Prolink\QC-CALC 4.0

Users\Public directory: C:\Users\Public\Prolink\QC-CALC 4.0

Warning: Copy the files listed here ONLY!

Copy the following files to the ProgramData directory:

  • Admin.ini - This may be hidden. Turn on "hidden files" in Windows Explorer.
  • AskValues.ini
  • ConvertTemplates.ini
  • QC-CALC SPC-ScreenSettings.ini
  • QC-CALC.ini
  • QCCalcOverrides.ini
  • QC-CALC-RT.ini
  • QC-CALC-SPC.ini
  • RealTimePlots-ScreenSettings.ini
  • TrainingCmm.ini
  • Update.ini

Copy the following files to the Users\Public directory:

  • AssignableCauses.dat
  • CorrectiveActions.dat
  • *_setup.txt - Files of this style may or may not exist depending on your machine type (i.e. modus_setup.txt or metris_setup.txt). If they exist, copy them.

Additional Notes:

  • If you are saving your data on the local hard drive, then you will want to move any QCQ files to the same folder in the new computer too. By default that folder would be C:\Users\Public\Prolink\QC-CALC 4.0\Data.
  • If you have customized any report templates in the old installation you need to copy those templates over too. By default the templates are located in the C:\Users\Public\Prolink\QC-CALC 4.0\Template\Default folder.