Resource Status Home Screen Widget
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written: 04/04/2023
last modified: 06/22/2023

A useful home screen widget called Resource Status deserves a look by most users. This widget provides visibility into the various deliverables and their status.

A major goal of QC-Mobile has been to provide visibility to all quality processes across the factory. There are three important facets to providing this visibility; part quality, deliverable verification, and data collection verification.

  • Part Quality - This is the most obvious of the facets and involves tracking metrics such as Cpk through both data display, live displays, and data visualization through reports, dashboards, and full views.
  • Deliverable Verification - Just as important as part quality is the ability to verify that deliverables are continuing to run. It is great to have a full view showing all green lights, but if it has not refreshed in two weeks, then the visualization is stale and may need to be checked, restarted, cleared of exceptions, etc.
  • Data Collection Verification - Data collection verification gives end users visibility that data is actually continuing to be collected. Again, part quality metrics and deliverables hinge on the fact that data collection continues to occur on a regular basis so the statistics and metrics are timely. Without this, running a daily report is not giving new information to the users that need to make important decisions about how to proceed.
Deliverable Verification

This widget addresses deliverable verification. It is set up as a card on the home screen with no settings. Once added, it automatically shows a collapsible list of each of the deliverables owned or viewed by the current user with colored flags indicating current run status.

Flag colors:
White - indicates the deliverable is not enabled to run. 
Green - indicates the deliverable is running on time without issue.
Red - indicates the deliverable is running late (possibly due to a busy service running a different deliverable). The amount overdue is shown.
White w/exclamation - indicates there is an exception condition.

More Information

Each deliverable has an "i" information icon that displays a popup showing that status, current schedule, expected next run, typical duration, and processor. It also has a hyperlinked number indicating any exceptions. When clicked the exceptions are displayed in a list for easy troubleshooting. As can be seen in the case below, the report is being attempted but the output folder is read only and the report cannot be exported to PDF.

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