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 Part Summary in Snapshot

ERS 3.4 and QC-Mobile 4.0

 QR Codes and Impersonation Codes in QC-Mobile


QC-CALC 4.0, EDL and ERS Database Schema
I would like to query the tables of the Prolink Datab...
 Easy Testing with the Training CMM (ver. 3.4)
Here are a couple of easy things to test when evaluating QC-CALC ...
 Calculating Sigma and Sigma Within
Minitab error when running Excel Job

When running an Excel Job using Minitab, the following ...
 Creating a slide show with ERS Dashboards WITHOUT a web server

All you need is the Enterprise Report Scheduler and a...
 Error message about access to Windows Management during launch

You may get the following error message when you launch QC-...
 What does Cpk mean?

When doing SPC, it is often asked what Cpk actually means. ...
 HOW TO: Save Your Excel Jobs as PDF Documents

You must have Excel 2007 or higher.

 How is Cpk Calculated on Single Sided Dimensions

All calculations and reports in QC-CALC assume tha...

 Your formula for Cpk uses the sample average, X, as the process mean but I saw an equation that used

Mathematically the average of "subgroup means" is identical to the average of all data points if ...

 Sigma Control Charts - Samples or Populations?

There are two popular styles of Sigma control charts. One plots the subgroup’s standard dev...

 Test of normality “Confidence” Explained
  The test of normality in Cpk and Histogram charts is based on the Chi Squared test for goodness of f...
White Papers
 Integrating QC-CALC and Process Toolbox
  This white paper discusses integrating QC-CALC with Process Toolbox by Becker Quality Solutions, Inc...