Automatic Database Creation and Part Switching
Automatic Database Creation & Part Switching

QC-CALC has been designed to work out of the box without the need to set up large complicated databases. We know that your primary goal is to collect data and improve your process; not become entangled in a lot of technical details.

When you install QC-CALC Real-Time on your inspection equipment and measure a part, QC-CALC will immediately find your inspection results and plot your part.

If QC-CALC has never seen this type of part, it will automatically create a new database for that part and define the part. Along with the actuals, it automatically gathers the feature labels, nominals, tolerances and other trace data you have sent.

If your part has been measured before, QC-CALC will immediately close the current database, open the one for your part, and add the data to the correct database. There is no need for you to open the correct database before measuring and no need to worry about data going to the wrong place.

Automatic Database Adaptation

As your measurement continues, changes inevitably happen to the inspection routine. For instance, maybe you start inspecting more features than before or change the nominals and tolerances.

QC-CALC has the ability to automatically adapt to the changing conditions in the shop based on your settings. If you suddenly start measuring more features, QC-CALC will automatically add the new feature and continue plotting. Measuring a partial part, the correct features found in the inspection file will be updated. All others will be set to deleted or NULL. It's just one more way QC-CALC makes data collection easier.