QC-Mobile Real-Time Web Based Reporting

QC-Mobile is Prolink’s first web-based application to deliver live data plots, reports, and statistics to the shop floor through a browser. It works as a companion application to QC-CALC and ERS by providing real-time reporting, dashboards, full views and drill down statistics via any web browser on your network.

How It Works
QC-Mobile is installed as a portable web server onto any server/PC on your network (with no dependency on IIS or other webserver). Once the application installed and connected to your local QC-CALC SQL Server database, it immediately allows you to see QC reporting history, dashboards and full views using the same user level privileges, functionality, and ownership that exist in ERS.

There is no install on the client other than the browser of his or her choice.

** The base price includes 5 named users.
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$3,540.00  (Upgrade: $885.00)
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* Installation of this software on a thin/virtual client system may result in additional charges.
QC-Mobile - Web Browser Application