What's New in QC-CALC 3.4
What’s New in QC-CALC 3.4?

New Exporting/Reporting Screens
The export and report screens have been updated to allow the most common selections to be on the same screen.

New Export Ranges
All Available Records has been added to the exporting. Also, the dimensions to export can now be chosen manually in addition to All Displayed and All in File.

New Export Conditions
More control has been added to the auto exporting with conditions that include only exporting if all records are in control or all records are in spec.

New Auto Report Range and Frequencies
In addition to the existing report ranges, there is a new option to Use Frequency as Range. Both Ask Me and the ability to get the frequency from a named numeric or text factor have also been added. The combination of these additions allows you to do lot based reporting using a factor to store the number of parts in the lot for variable lot sizes.

Built-In Last_N_Records filter
This new built-in filter allows you to quickly access the last 50 or 100 records without having to build your own filter.

Manual Input Breakout
The manual input screen has been improved and broken out from inside automatic reporting. This screen enables you to have your operators enter information like Manual Dimensions or Factors from a common interface within QC-CALC Real-Time.

Administrative Menu System Manager
The Menu Disabler and Manage Menus areas have been replaced by the Menu System Manager in the admin tool. This more advanced tool allows you to choose which menus are checked and disabled from one easy to follow interface.

From "Use Same Settings.." to Defaults
For Reporting, Exporting, Trend Detection and Manual Input, the older "Use Same Settings for all parts" has been replaced by a defaults screen. Using the old way meant you had an "all or individual" approach to parts (QCC files). Now you can set a default that applies to most of your QCC files and allow the exceptions to be overridden.

Standardization of Reporting, Exporting, Trends, and Manual Input
The menus and screens for all 4 main features have been standardized and moved to the Options screen so the defaults can be set from one location. A "force settings for all parts" checkbox can ensure that all settings are the same. In addition, because they are in the options area, Trend Detection and Manual Input defaults can now be controlled through the Administrative interface and set at the user group level.

Delayed Start for Trend Detection
A delayed start of 15 parts (default) has been added to trend detection so alarms will not launch for trends before the limit has been hit. This should eliminate unwanted alerts for brand new databases that only have a few parts.

Dimension Pictures
You can now optionally store a picture for each dimension in your database. When you move the mouse over the dimension, the picture will appear in the panel. This picture is also directly inherited from QC-Gage 3.4 spec plans to provide a consistent look and feel.

Upgrade to Reporting Package
Our reporting package (List and Label) has been upgraded to version 16 from version 11. While the same concepts are still available, the new version boasts several enhancements including charts that can be added to your reports.

Dimension Tabs in QC-CALC SPC Plot View
When using plot view, tabs are automatically created for quick filtering between All Dimensions, In Control, Out of Control, and Out of Spec.