What's New in QC-Gage 3.4
Features Added to GageStation 3.4

Administrative Tool Support

QC-Gage now supports the same administrative tools interface of shared settings and permissions as QC-CALC. In fact, you can use the same admin groups as QC-CALC creating consistent integration between both products.

Automatic Synchronization with QC-CALC 3.4

When you launch a spec plan QC-Gage can communicate with QC-CALC Real-Time 3.4 and tell it to open the corresponding database. This allows you to keep both on screen and have both showing the parts you're measuring.

GagePort NT Support

QC-Gage now fully supports the CimWorks/GE GagePort NT hardware. This includes support for both analog and digital gages, mastering, smart cable setup, RS-232 setup, multi-probe measurements and both static and dynamic (min, max, TIR) measurements.

Heidenhain MSE 1000 Support
QC-Gage has integrated with the Heidenhain MSE 1000 hardware to provide data collection and mastering support for all modules and probes for the MSE series.

Ability to Import Spec Plans
QC-Gage supports the ability to import specifications and automatically create spec plans from InspectionXpert, GE Proficy Shop Floor, and Discus (arriving soon).

Live Data Collection for probing interfaces
Where supported (currently GagePort and Heidenhain MSE 1000), a live data collection option is available in the form of either a radial speedometer or vertial column gage. Live data streaming from the hardware updates the on-screen gauges instantaneously as gages are mastered or parts are measured.

Fixture Group Support
Along with new hardware, fixture groups are now supported allow you to click one button and take simultaneous readings at once from multiple gages.

Improved Gage Script Interface
The interface for creating new gage scripts has been improved and converted into a wizard that walks you through the process. Along with the existing advanced parsing editor are two simpler options to either parse a delimited gage output string or take a particular fixed position from within the output.

Inspection Group Support
This feature allows you to define groups of features/factors to measure. At measurement time, you can then set up which features/factors are entered based on the groups. This allows you to start with a full layout and then reduce your inspection after x parts without any defects. More patterns are being added to allow flexibility in the measurement process.