Pareto Analysis
Pareto Analysis

QC-CALC is equipped with Pareto analysis charts which provide an indication of the main sources of defective characteristics. A Pareto chart is a bar style graph of defective characteristics arranged in order of significance. The characteristic causing the greatest number of defects is displayed at the left-most position on the bar graph. The traditional concept behind Pareto charts is to highlight the "significant few" causes of defects from the "trivial many". Generally speaking, most quality control problems can be attributed to a relative few number of causes. Using a Pareto chart to sort defective characteristics in order of importance allows you to focus on the main cause of problems.

In QC-CALC, Pareto charts operate on characteristics (dimensions) with variable data. All or a user selected subset of characteristics in a data file can be included in the analysis.

Uses of the Pareto chart
  • Highlight the most serious causes of defects
  • Track the results of corrective actions
  • Monitor the quantity of defects over time