Reordering Records in the Database
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written: 08/20/2008
last modified: 03/22/2024

We ran some parts out of the order they were produced. Is there any way that we can edit the record numbers and reorder the parts in the system?

You cannot edit the record numbers, but you can change the date and time the parts were inspected, then temporarily change the order the data is presented by sorting on the Date column in the QC-CALC SPC - Edit Data screen. After sorting run a report and that order will be used. See Article #212 "

Plot Data in Sorted Order"

If you need this order to be a permanent change (after the dates have been edited), that isn't quite as easy. You will need to use the QC-CALC SPC - Edit Data screen and cut & paste your data into Excel. Be very careful when doing this. You will have to work around Deleted Points as they assigned to a particular row and column in QC-CALC, while you are only moving the data. Before doing any cutting and pasting make sure you make a copy of the file you are dealing with, just to be safe!


  1. Create a copy of the .qcc file using the File - Copy File As menu, then change the dates on the records (if you need to).
  2. Make sure all columns in the database are visible. Do this by going into View - Dimensions to Plot and checking the Select All box at the bottom of the screen in version 3.0 or View - Dimensions to View and choose Show All Features along with highlighting everything in the View - Columns to View window in version 3.2.
  3. Highlight the block of rows that needs to be reordered by clicking on the record number of the 1st record and holding down the Shift key while clicking on the record number of the last record. Make a note of the record numbers you highlighted in order to choose the same rows later.
  4. Right click within the highlighted block of numbers and choose the Copy menu.
  5. Start up Microsoft Excel and right click in the A1 cell of a sheet and click Paste.
  6. Find the Date column and highlight the entire column by clicking on the column heading.
  7. Sort the column by choosing Data - Sort and allow it to Expand the Selection, then choose to sort in Ascending order and click OK.
  8. Now highlight all of the rows in the sheet using the same method in step 3, right click within the highlighted block of data, and choose Copy.
  9. Back in QC-CALC SPC highlight the same block of records that was highlighted in step 3, right click within the block of data, and choose Paste.
  10. Your data should now be in the correct order, but if there were any records or points that were deleted you may need to find the same records or points and delete them again.

Applies To

QC-CALC Real-Time v.4.10
QC-CALC Real-Time v.4.00
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.40


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