HOW TO: Getting the square root in calculated dimensions
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written: 02/23/2010
last modified: 03/15/2024

QC-CALC 3.2 or QC-Gage 3.2 and higher.


We've heard from a couple customers who noticed you can get the exponent of a particular number in a calculated dimension, but that there is no square root function.

For instance, let's say you have "Dimension 1" and the nominal is 9 +/-.5. You then want to create a calculated dimension called "Dim 2" which takes the square root of "Dimension 1".

To create exponents such as x2, you would use x^2. This will square the number. To cube it (x3), you would use x^3.

To get the square root of the value, you would use 1/2 or .5 like so: x^.5
Getting the cube root would be x^.3333.

As such, to set the calculation correctly for "Dim 2", simply set it to:

Dimension 1.Actual^.5

This will give you the square root of the first dimension. You can, of course, use this in other more complex and probably more useful expressions than the example here.