Saving and Running Spec Plans from your Network
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written: 12/29/2015
last modified: 04/10/2024


How can I save and run Spec Plans from my network without any issues?


There are several areas that need to be synced up to allow Spec Plans to run successfully from your network drives.

Prior to creating a Spec Plan, we will want to make sure the global settings are set correctly and any dependent files are located on the network along with your Spec Plans. To save time, please consider using the Administrative Tools area of the software to make changes once and simply sign in with each of your stations.

At this point, you should open the software and go to the Tools > Options menu. Follow the steps below to ensure that you have the best set-up for running your Spec Plan from the network:

1. On the Assignable Cause / Action page, please make sure that these files are saved in a shared location.

2. On the Set Paths page of the options, please make sure that the following are set to your shared location to ensure that no issues arise:

  • Gage Definition Location
  • Spec Plan Default Location
  • Factor List File Location
  • Lookup Table File Location
  • Picture Folder

3. OPTIONAL: If you do not wish to have unique shortcut buttons at your stations, you can go to the Shortcut Buttons menu, and set your Button File to the network. This will allow you to connect to the same shortcuts from many/all of your stations to allow for better consistency across your plant.

4. The Spec Plan Defaults menu allows you to set up certain settings in all new Spec Plans prior to their creation. To continue (in the Spec Plan Defaults area), you can expand the menu for further options. On the Factors page, you will see a path for the Default Settings Location. This controls where your "Spec Plan Defaults" are saved. Similar to previous options - if you would like to share the settings that follow across several stations - you can set this to your network. This menu will populate each new Spec Plan with the Default Factors that you add in the area below.


If you have created any of the files mentioned in the article prior to following the steps above, they will need to be migrated to their new shared locations to access the old settings. You should be able to find all of these files in their respective locations in the install folder for QC-Gage (default: C:\Prolink\QC-Gage 3.4\).