FAQ: Changing the number of parts to measure in each session in QC-Gage
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written: 03/03/2008
last modified: 03/15/2024

I have a Spec Plan that calls for 10 parts to be measured at the same sitting. Each dimension is recorded on 10 parts before they operator goes to the next dimension. I need to change the 10 to a 3. Where do I do this? I only want to measure 3 parts (same dimension) then move on to the next dimension for the same 3 parts.

Just do the following:

  1. Open the spec plan per normal (File > Open and choose the spec plan).
  2. Choose Edit > Spec Plan Connections on the main QC-Gage screen.
  3. Click Next >> 3 times in the wizard.
  4. At the bottom, change the 10 to a 3 where is says Number of Parts to Inspect Each Session.
  5. Click Finish.