Upgrading SPC Office Buddy to version 4.0
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written: 09/07/2018
last modified: 09/07/2018

SPC Office Buddy 3.4


This article discusses converting SPC Office Buddy 3.4 to 4.0. Generally conversion consists of installation and conversion of settings. If you are planning to use SQL Server as your database type, make sure to convert your existing QCC files using the file converter. See the Upgrading QC-CALC to Version 4.0 related article for instructions on this.

This involves installing the software and copying all settings from your previous version.
  1. Install SPC Office Buddy 4.0 on the same PC as SPC Office Buddy 3.x if possible. If not possible, skip to Copying Settings Manually section below.
  2. On first run of Buddy, a message will appear saying SPC Office Buddy 3.x was detected and offer you an opportunity to copy your settings forward. Choose Yes to keep your previous version's settings and use them with 4.0. Buddy will copy all settings and related files from 3.4 and use them going forward.
  3. If you are using SQL Server as the database type, choose Tools > Options > Data Storage. Choose MS SQL Server from the Data Storage Type dropdown and enter your connection path into the 4 fields on the Data Storage screen.

    NOTE: Batch Jobs have paths to QCC files within them and will be remapped to the same QCQ files when copied. If the path to the QCC file in each step of each batch job is QC-CALC 3.x's installation path, the path will be updated to the QC-CALC 4.0's installation path assuming the QCQ file has been converted.

    NOTE: If you are using SQL Server, you will need to remap your Batch Jobs to the correct part files after conversion.
Copying Settings Manually
NOTE: Skip this section if you installed SPC Office Buddy 4.0 on the same PC as your previous version.
  1. Shut down any previous version of the software that is running. This will ensure you are not writing to the settings files as they are being copied.
  2. Copy the following files from the old version's directory (i.e. c:\Prolink\SPC Office Buddy 3.4\) to the new directory (i.e. c:\ProgramData\Prolink\SPC Office Buddy 4.0\). Due to Microsoft's software requirements there are two new directories in QC-CALC 4.0; the ProgramData directory and the Users\Public directory.
The directories are typically the ones below unless you installed QC-CALC in a different directory than the default. In this case, the lowest folder will differ slightly in name.

ProgramData directory: C:\ProgramData\Prolink\QC-CALC 4.0
Users\Public directory: C:\Users\Public\Prolink\QC-CALC 4.0
WARNING: Do not copy any files not listed here.
Copy the following files to the ProgramData directory: 
  • AskValues.ini
  • SPC Office Buddy.ini
  • SPC Office Buddy-WindowSettings.ini
  • Update.ini
Copy the following files to the Users\Public directory: 
  • \ExcelJobs folder
  • \Template folder

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SPC Office Buddy v.4.00


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