QC-CALC SPC LITE allows remote monitoring for a fraction of the cost!
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written: 02/23/2007
last modified: 07/30/2015

Need to monitor your inspection results from a remote location without the need for analysis?

Prolink is proud to announce QC-CALC SPC LITE, the new low cost application that will allow you to monitor your inspection results in real-time without the need to purchase the full version of QC-CALC SPC.

It's simple.

  1. Install QC-CALC SPC LITE on any network connected PC that needs access to the QCC files created by QC-CALC Real-Time in the Quality Lab.

  2. Make sure your QCC files are accessible via a network share. (Please read the related article, Running QC-CALC on a Network)

  3. In SPC LITE, choose File > Open and navigate to the QCC file you would like to monitor. Or use the Group menu to open multiple files at once.

  4. Make sure to enable monitoring via Tools > Enable Monitoring.

  5. As the data is collected, SPC LITE updates to show the change. You can watch the data in either spreadsheet view or plot view.

QC-CALC SPC LITE is literally the same application as QC-CALC SPC, but all reporting functionality has been disabled (everything in the Report menu).

To evaluate the SPC LITE, simply download and install QC-CALC SPC. When you purchase SPC LITE the activation code you receive will activate only those features for SPC LITE.


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