HOW TO: Transfer your license (ver. 2.2 - 2.4 ONLY)
How to transfer your QC-CALC version 2.x license
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written: 01/30/2006
last modified: 03/08/2024

This feature applies ONLY to versions 2.2 through 2.4.          

Transferring a license between two computers is a 7 step process. To move a license from an Old computer to a New computer, perform the following:
  1. Install the software on the New Computer.
  2. Start the software on the New Computer and go to Help - License Configuration screen.
  3. Select License - Prepare to Transfer in from Another Computer and put a floppy disk in the disk drive. You may need to Kill License (to remove the trial license) before transferring the license in to the New Computer. See menu choice to select Kill License.
  4. Put the floppy disk into the Old Computer. (this is the floppy you just made on the New Computer)
  5. Run the software.
  6. Go to Help - License Configuration screen and choose License - Transfer Out to Another Computer.
  7. Insert the floppy back to the New Computer. Select menu License - Transfer in from Another Computer.
The license is now transferred.

Applies To

QC-CALC Real-Time v.2.40
QC-CALC SPC v.2.40
QC-CALC SPC v.2.30