Downloading and Activating your Software
Steps for downloading and activating your Prolink software
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written: 04/02/2007
last modified: 03/22/2024

All software produced by Prolink is initially installed as an evaluation and will not be fully licensed until the licensing steps are performed.


  1. Open an Internet Explorer to and login using your email and password.
  2. Click on Account at the top, and underneath Owned Products choose Software to locate the correct copy of software in the Owned Software section by its PSN.
  3. Click on the Details link for that copy of the software and choose Download Full Install link.
  4. Download and install the software.
  5. Open software and click on the Help - License Configuration menu. In this window, you will see a Computer ID box with a 4-digit number, and also an empty Activation Code box.
  6. Back on the Owned Software page of the website, click on the Activate link for the software item. NOTE: If you do not see an Activate link, use the Details link and the View Activation Code link from there. If the Computer ID shown on the next screen does not match the Computer ID you just saw in the software then halt these steps at this point and contact Prolink for assistance by opening a Support Ticket.
  7. After clicking the Activate link you will see a field to enter the Computer ID that was mentioned in Step 2. Go back to your software and find this number and enter it in this box.
  8. Enter a Machine Description in order to clearly identify the computer this software is installed on.
  9. The click the Get Activation Code button.
  10. Copy the number that is generated back into your software into the Activation Code box mentioned in Step 2. Click on the Validate button (version 3.0) or the OK button (version 3.2 - 3.4) and your software will be Activated.