HOW TO: Making Minitab Equivalent to Prolink Charting
This article shows the Buddy 3.2 settings that will make stats match Minitab.
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written: 08/05/2009
last modified: 04/10/2024


SPC Office Buddy 3.2 with Charting


From time to time, we get questions about why the charts and stats in the Prolink Charting package don't always match the statistics in Minitab. The reason is just a set of special settings that Minitab uses that are different from the standard ones used by Prolink Charting.


  1. In Minitab, go to Tools > Options > Control Charts and Quality Tools > Estimating Standard Deviation.
  2. Make sure the following settings are chosen on this screen.

  3. Click OK to save your settings.
  4. Done. When you re-run your reports, the stats such as the control limits will now match those in Minitab.

Applies To

SPC Office Buddy v.3.20


Reporting - SPC Office Buddy
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