QC-Mobile Administrator
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written: 07/31/2023
last modified: 07/31/2023

In recent years, we've found that some of the main settings in the QC-Mobile Startup/Settings application became difficult to change after the initial implementation due to business users not having access to the QC-Mobile server without IT privileges.

To make it easier to change the most common settings, we've added the QC-Mobile Administrator to the web client. This interface, only available to those with permission, allows administration of a growing number of settings from the web client in addition to the QC-Mobile Settings application.

To use the Administrator, make sure the user account is a member of a user group that has the QC-Mobile Admin privilege set in ERS. Once the user is a member and has the privilege, the Administrator item will appear in the Sign In menu just above Settings. Be advised that unlike settings which only affect the currently logged in user, administrative settings affect all users within QC-Mobile. As such, make sure that only certain users can access these settings.