I want to import my data from Excel, but it is sideways
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written: 07/11/2006
last modified: 03/26/2024


I want to import my data from Excel to QC-CALC SPC, but it is not in the right format. Instead of each column representing a dimension and having the values going down, I have each row representing a dimension with the values going across.


To solve this, we will first change the format of the data while it is still in Excel. Then we will import it to QC-CALC.

Highlight all of the data that you want to import and click on the Edit - Copy menu. Then, on a new worksheet click on the Edit > Paste Special... menu. A small form will appear with many options. In the lower right choose the check box labeled "Transpose" and click ok.

Now that the data is in the correct format, there should be no difficulty importing it to QC-CALC. Either use the Import Ascii File function, or just copy and paste the data right into QC-CALC SPC's data grid.

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