Zeiss Calypso File Does Not Exist Error
Calypso 3.8.xx or higher can sometimes cause a "File does not exist" error.
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written: 09/22/2008
last modified: 04/09/2024

“File Does Not Exist” Error - Since the release of Calypso 3.8.xx or higher, we have witnessed occasional error messages at the end of a part run. When Calypso completes the part inspection it creates the table files that QC-CALC Real-Time reads. QC-CALC then deletes the table files which randomly upsets Calypso. Below you see a screenshot of Calypso’s typical error message. Everything appears to run fine and QC-CALC obtains the data but still an error message appears.

Special Calypso Batch Files

After contacting Zeiss Germany we have determined there is a “race condition” between Calypso writing the files and QC-CALC reading and renaming them. To solve this problem we found a little known Calypso feature that we will use called RUNEND.BAT.

In order to extend Calypso’s power without changing the source code, a special “trigger” file can be added to the system. You simply add a file by the name of RUNEND.BAT in the default path of inspections and, if present, Calypso executes it. No other setting is necessary to make this work. Prolink provides this file for you in the c:\Prolink\QC-CALC 3.0\Setup directory, but you will need to copy this file to the following location:

c:\zeiss\calypso\home\om\workarea\inspections\runend.bat (for all inspections)

This batch file contains a simple XCOPY command to make a copy of the table files in another location so Calypso doesn’t complain and QC-CALC can still read the data automatically. The one command line we use is:

xcopy C:\Zeiss\Calypso\home\om\workarea\results\*.txt c:\spcdata\ /c /m /r /y

We use the /M switch to reset the archive bit so we only copy the new files. This is important because we do not want to read the same files twice!

You can place this RUNEND.BAT file in specific part program folders as well. Should you need to add other batch commands to this file please do not remove the one line we require but instead add other commands in the same file.

To use RunEnd.bat do the following:

  1. Copy the batch file from the C:\Prolink\QC-CALC 3.x\Setup folder (C:\Users\Public\Prolink\QC-CALC 4.x\Setup for 4.x versions) to:

C:\Zeiss\Calypso\home\om\workarea\inspections\ (this path may have changed with newer versions of Calypso)

  1. Create C:\SPCData\ as a folder.
  1. Adjust QC-CALC’s Source Path and Name to C:\SPCdata\*_chr.txt by selecting ToolsOptionsData CollectionData Source Information and changing the File Path and Name value.

The following listing is a copy of the RUNEND.BAT shipped with QC-CALC (in case you need to create your own file).

Rem 1/27/2006RemRem This batch file was written by Prolink to support the interface between Rem our QC-CALC SPC program and Zeiss Calypso table files. When we read Rem the Calypso files in their default location, occasionally Calypso reports Rem an error indicating the files are not available. This error message delays Rem further inspection until the inspector clicks OK and it is very annoying. Rem Rem When Calypso completes a part inspection, it executes a special DOS Rem batch file by the name of RUNEND.BAT if it exists in:Rem Rem     c:\zeiss\calypso\home\om\inspections\ Rem Rem Prolink added this file to this folder for Calypso to use. The XCOPY Rem command copies all new files found to another location where QC-CALC Rem safely reads them. This method has eliminated the Calypso error messages Rem because it does not interfere with Calypso’s operation. Rem Rem If you are reading this note and you also need to use the RUNEND.BAT Rem option, please add your comments and any executable DOS commands Rem but please do not remove the XCOPY line as seen below. We have included Rem all XCOPY switch values for reference.Rem Rem Rem Bruce Brigham     Prolink 860-659-5928      www.prolinksoftware.comRemRem  XCOPY Switches:Rem Rem /A=archive bit set, don't reset /M=Archive only and reset bits Rem /C=Continue even if errors      /R=overwrite R/O files Rem /E=Even empty directories       /S=Subdirs Rem /F=display full name            /T=Directories onlyRem /I=assume Directory             /V=VerifyRem /K=copy attributes too          /Y=Overwrite existing xcopy C:\Zeiss\Calypso\home\om\workarea\results\*.txt c:\spcdata\ /c /m /r /yRem The /M switch is used to reset the archive bit so we only copy the new filesRem This is important because we do not want to read the same files twice!


Applies To

QC-CALC Real-Time v.4.10
QC-CALC Real-Time v.4.00
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.40
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.30
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.20
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.00


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