FAQ: I don't see the Tools > Password menu. Where is it? - 3.2+
How do I access Tools > Passwords menu when Admin Tools is enabled?
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written: 11/03/2009
last modified: 03/22/2024


I tried to password-protect some of the functionality in QC-CALC, but I don't see the Tools > Password menu. It appears to be missing. How do I bring it back?


If Administrative Tools is enabled in QC-CALC, the normal Password protection functionality is removed by design. This is because the Administrative Tools offer much more flexibility in locking down settings at the group level than the simple password protection option.

The easiest way to tell if this is the case is to look and see if there is an Administrative Tools menu in the top menu bar. If you see one there, it means this individual copy of QC-CALC is a member of one of the administrative groups and that the normal password functionality has been disabled.


To disconnect from the Administrative Tools and go back to normal, choose Administrative Tools > Disconnect from Admin Path. You will need to Administrative password to disconnect. Once disconnected, the Administrative Tools menu will disappear and the Tools > Password menu will re-appear.

Applies To

QC-CALC Real-Time v.4.10
QC-CALC Real-Time v.4.00
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.40
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.30
QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.20
QC-CALC SPC v.4.10
QC-CALC SPC v.4.00
QC-CALC SPC v.3.40
QC-CALC SPC v.3.30
QC-CALC SPC v.3.20


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