Scrambled Characters in QC-Gage
This explains common issues connecting to gages.
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written: 02/01/2006
last modified: 03/15/2024


I always get scrambled characters in QC-Gage.


The problem could be the physical connection or settings. Possible causes:

  1. The most common problem is using the wrong COM port.
  2. Flow control / handshaking is another common problem.


Try the following:

  1. Verify the correct COM connector is attached to the computer.
  2. Verify that the COM port works by connecting a modem or other serial device.
  3. Make sure the computer and gage are using the same type of handshaking and the cable passes any needed handshaking lines.
  4. Try a different cable or test the cable you have.

Applies To

QC-Gage v.3.00
QC-Gage v.1.96
QC-Gage v.1.91


Data Collection
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