QC-Gage not behaving as expected
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written: 02/01/2006
last modified: 03/15/2024

QC-Gage is not behaving as you expect it to.

Below are a few behaviors and their causes:

  1. All of my menus are disabled.
    QC-Gage was started in the AutoRun locked mode. Change your .ini file or use the forward slash (/) run manual option.
  2. I don't get any factors.
    You must request factors in the edit spec plan connections menu. There is a screen for specifying factors.

  3. My audit files are all messed up.
    The reason is that you can specify more than one spec plan to send data to the same audit file.

  4. I change the settings for my Spec Plan, but the the settings don't stick.
    You may have forgotten to save your changes before you quit. You may already have the Spec Plan running. You can edit a running Spec Plan, but your changes take effect when you exit and restart the Spec Plan.

  5. When I change the properties of a gage, my Spec Plans don't change.
    The settings in the Edit Gage Definitions screen are the gage defaults only. Once you make a Spec Plan it contains its own connection properties.You must edit all existing gage definitions if you want to change all occurrences of a gage setting. In most cases you do not want to change all Spec Plans, you might have the same gage type in different versions that have different settings. A Spec Plan might have 2 Mux-10's connected to a single computer, one at 2400 baud and one at 4800 baud. If setting the gage defaults changed all Spec Plans you could not use this setup!

Applies To

QC-Gage v.4.10
QC-Gage v.3.00
QC-Gage v.1.96
QC-Gage v.1.91


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