Add Column of Trace Field Values to Raw Data Report
Step-by-step instructions for adding a column of Text Trace fields to a Raw Data Report Template
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written: 11/24/2023
last modified: 04/10/2024

The default Raw Data templates that come with QC-CALC do not show columns of trace field values. This White Paper will give step-by-step instructions for modifying a default template to include a column of Text Trace field values.

The Report Designer

The directions shown here will replace the 10th column of dimension information in the report with a value saved in Text Trace field 1. This is a lengthy process, but relatively simple to accomplish.

  1. From QC-CALC Real-Time choose the Report > Design Template menu.

  1. Choose the DataStat.raw template from the list of files that appears and click Open.
  1. The Report Designer now appears on the screen.

Header Lines

  1. Double click on the table and the Table Contents window will appear.

  1. Choose the Header Line tab then double-click the “Char_09_Label” line in the Line area and the Edit Table window appears.
  1. Highlight the “Char_09_Label” in the box at the bottom, then open the Fields list at the top of the screen.
  1. Scroll down in the Fields list until you find the “Text_Trace_01_Label” item, highlight that item, and click the Insert button to the right.

  1. Click the OK button on the Edit Table window.
  1. On the Table Contents window, choose the “Line Definition Nominal” item at the top of the Header Line tab.

  1. Double-click the “if(Upper$(Char_09_Source),…” line to get to the Edit Table window for this line.
  1. In the Edit Table window, highlight and delete the entire “if(Upper$(Char_09_Source),…” line towards the bottom of the window, enter “ “ (quote space quote) in that area as shown below, then click OK.

  1. Back on the Table Contents screen, click the Expand Menu button () next to Appearances in the Properties pane to the right of the line definitions. Change the Background option to “True”, then choose “RGB(192,192,192)” for the Color.

  1. Follow steps 6 – 9 for the “Line Definition USL” and “Line Definition LSL”.

Data Lines

  1. Still in the Table Contents window choose the Data Line tab, then double-click the “if(Char_09_Used,…” line to get to the Edit Table window for this line.
  2. Delete everything in the box at the bottom, then scroll down in the Fields list at the top of the screen until you find the “Text_Trace_01_Value” item.
  3. Highlight “Text_Trace_01_Value” in the Fields list, click the Insert button, then click the OK button.

General Steps

  1. Click OK on the Table Contents screen and save your changes (File – Save).
  2. Exit from the Report Designer and you will see a question asking if you changed the number of dimensions in your report. Choose Yes on this message.

  1. The next window that appears will be asking for the total number of dimensions now represented in this report. Answer this question with “8” in order for your report to run correctly in the future.

  1. When you print your raw data report now, you’ll have an extra column for text trace field 1.