Initial Password in QC-CALC (ver. 3.0)
This explains the default password for locking menus.
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written: 07/27/2006
last modified: 03/08/2024

How do I set the password the first time if I don't know the initial password?

Many people want to set the password in QC-CALC in order to lock down menus, but they are unaware of the initial password.

The initial password in QC-CALC is the Serial Number of the software copy. To find this, go to Help > About. On the right hand side of the screen is the Prolink Serial Number. It is typically a 5 digit number, but can also be 4 digits.

If the Serial Number says "No Serial Number", it means you are running an evaluation copy of the software. In this case, the serial number and password are 0. Simply type a zero as the password and set the new password normally.

Applies To

QC-CALC Real-Time v.3.00
QC-CALC SPC v.3.00


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